Innovation and Diversity: Women in IT at evopark

Insights into the world of our talented female software engineers at evopark

In addition to sustainability through digitalization and innovation, evopark's goals also include expanding diversity and creating equal opportunities. We take great care to evaluate skills and are always happy to receive new input from all employees. As part of this process, our team has become very diverse – and we believe that this is the only way we can drive innovation forward – together. Incidentally, around 42% of our employees are female. In today's article, we take you on a journey to meet some of our impressive female software engineers at evopark. We've asked our software engineers Amruta Pednekar (Software Developer), Foroozan Faraji (UI/UX Designer), Kirti Parihar (Ruby on Rails Engineer) and Sravya Konduru (Front End Developer) a few questions to learn more about their stories and experiences as female developers in the parking industry. Discover the diverse world of software development at evopark and find out what drives these women to promote information technology and the parking industry. 

(In order for everyone to understand the interview, we have created side notes to explain important buzz words, to give you more insights on the topic, or just for a fun excursion on the broader subject of the word)

👩‍💼🌟 What are your tasks at evopark, and how does your daily work routine look like?

Amruta: Me and my team focus on implementing new products and features for our smart tenant and smart go solutions. In our team we use the task management tool Jira, to manage our assignments and customer tickets. I am responsible for implementing new features and resolving bugs for our customers. Our team combines technical expertise with effective task distribution to ensure success. 
Sravya: As a frontend developer I mainly work on developing features to enhance the user experience. I work closely with backend developers and UX designers to improve the user experience and to create applications that adapt seamlessly across devices. Additionally, I optimize the application performance for a superior user interaction.

🤔🌐 In simple terms for non-IT people: What is Ruby on Rails, and why do we use this programming language?

Amruta: Ruby on rails is a framework which is based on the programming language Ruby. Ruby on Rails is a freely available, beginner-friendly programming language. It is the best programming language, I love it. 
Kirti: Ruby on Rails is a framework for building websites and web applications. It is like a set of tools that developers use to make the process of creating and managing websites easier and more efficient. We use Ruby on Rails because it allows us to build web applications faster by providing pre-built components and structures.

🚀🌈 How did you get into IT?

Kirti: My journey into the field of IT traces back to my childhood fascination with computers. I owe much of this path to my father for recognizing my interest, he directed me towards building a career in this domain. I graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Computer Application, which provided the foundation for my growth. Over time, I nurtured my skills and motivation, inspired by my father's aspirations.
Sravya: It was always my dream to be a part of the digital world and to contribute to that field. As I am very passionate about programming, I did my graduation in Computer Science. In my education I acquired essential knowledge and a comprehensive skill set to step into the IT field. 

💡🚗 What convinced you to work for the parking industry?

Amruta: During covid I looked for new job opportunities. Witnessing the struggles faced by numerous industries, I looked for a stable sector. During my search, I came across evopark, and I was particularly drawn to the innovative ideas and solutions they offer.
Foroozan: What attracted me most was not parking itself. It was the way evopark solves problems with an online platform that seem so complicated. It was the idea that attracted me and keeps me going.

🕵️‍♀️🔍 How did you come across the company back then?

Kirti: In my pursuit of international exposure, I aimed to explore job opportunities that offered visa sponsorship. To achieve this, I registered on various job portals catering to such positions. It was through this proactive approach that I received an interview invitation from evopark. After undergoing several rounds of interviews, I was delighted to receive a job offer from evopark. This journey allowed me to secure a role that aligned with my goals and provided the international experience I sought.

Sravya: As a newbie in Germany, I was actively looking for opportunities in my area of expertise to start a new career. I discovered evopark through online job portals. I feel that my decision to join evopark was the right one and I have never looked back. It has been over five years and the count is still on.

💬🌟 How do you describe evoparkin three words?

Amruta: Growing, straight-forward, trust.
Foroozan: Young, patient, problem solvers.
Sravya: Digital, pioneers, parking.
Kirti: Tech-driven, innovative, collaborative.

😄💼 What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Amruta: The aspect I enjoy the most about my job is working in the team. Even I’m only working remotely the team is always welcoming and cooperative.

Kirti: That I'm constantly learning and that I have the freedom to take initiatives. The opportunity to explore and implement new ideas keeps me engaged. The trust my managers place in me also enables me to take responsibility and to make a meaningful contribution to the team's success. 

🌟💬 How is the working atmosphere at evopark?

Foroozan: My colleagues are mostly young and in the same age group or stage of life, which makes it more comfortable. The atmosphere among the team members is always about understanding each other and doing the best work.
Sravya: evopark offers an environment that fosters flexibility and enjoyment, alongside a team driven by self-direction and motivation. You will be given plenty of opportunities and challenges to explore and learn.

🏠🤝 Is it easy to balance your work routine with your personal life?

Amruta: I’m having a home office contract which allows me, as a mom of two kids, to strike a perfect balance between work and family life. With regular 8am to 5pm hours, there's no need to worry about overworking. 
Kirti: By ensuring that I stay on top of my tasks and responsibilities, I'm able to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between my personal and professional commitments. The
supportive nature of our managersfurther enhances this balance, and when necessary, there's flexibility to accommodate personal appointments. 

🚀💭 What are your personal aspirations for the future?

Kirti: I want to continue to develop my skills and expertise and take on more challenging roles where I can make a significant impact.
Foroozan: I would like to design evopark's super application that is fully responsive on all devices and a unified well-thought dashboard.

smart tenant
entervo smart tenant enables property managers to manage the parking spaces in their complex professionally and efficiently. As the user profiles allow property managers to allocate individual allotments to several tenants.

smart go
entervo smart go turns unknown short-term parkers into known customers. This opens up new revenue channels, as operators get to know their customers. Drivers can register for ticketless parking services quickly and easily with entervo smart go.

Jira is like a digital organizational magic wand – it helps teams juggle their tasks, make plans and turn creative projects into a virtual circus show. Whether you're a performer, acrobat or just an office magician or witch, Jira turns project management into a real circus of efficiency!

Frontend developers are like architects for the colorful candy world of the internet – juggling colors, animations and buttons to make sure every website is as appealing as a candy store. Think of it like creating digital laughing candy – they not only make the internet beautiful, they make it fun.

Backend developers are like invisible heroes in cyberspace – they take care of the secret tech-magic that ensures apps and websites run smoothly, data is secure and everything is perfectly orchestrated in the digital background. It's like having superheroes for the invisible but crucial parts of the digital world!

UX designers 
UX designers are like directors of an interactive movie – they orchestrate the journey users take through an app or website. Their goal is to ensure that every click is an exciting adventure and leave users with a big grin on their digital face!

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is like the architect for websites – it's a clever tool that helps developers create robust and beautiful online worlds in no time. Think of it as the superhero of internet programming, creating stunning websites at lightning speed!

A framework in IT is like a construction kit for software developers. It provides ready-made tools and rules to help them work more efficiently, much like building blocks that help create a structured digital world.

Computer application 
Kind of like The Sims, just very different.
By studying this, you will acquire knowledge about the practical application of computer technologies in various fields. You will learn how to develop, analyze and implement software applications to solve specific problems in business, science or other fields. Your studies may include aspects of software development, databases, user interfaces and applied computer science to prepare you to use computer applications effectively in the real world.
Whippna choba dog… if you know you know…

Computer science 
In computer science, you learn how to speak the language of computers and get them to perform tasks. It's like learning how to communicate with the digital brains of machines and teach them what to do for us.

Interested? 😉 

Visa sponsorship
Visa sponsorship means that a company is willing to support and help a person from another country to work for them by facilitating the necessary visa process. Essentially, the company takes care of the paperwork and requirements to legally hire someone from another place – and we are happy to do it.

Best company in the world:


Home office
Home office is great and necessary in the modern world because it not only promotes flexibility in everyday working life, but is also environmentally friendly, and that is important to evopark. By reducing commuting, we are helping to protect the environment. Despite physical distance, it continues to promote teamwork through digital communication tools, creating a modern and efficient way of working between Düsseldorf, Paris and Herzogenaurach, where our IT ladies live.

We also have women in management positions!






As you can see, evopark's IT future is diverse and sometimes female – and that's a good thing! As a team, we want to continue to drive digitalization and innovation and be a great example of inclusion and diversity for new start-ups (or even long-established companies). When we hire our new employees, we put skills first, regardless of other characteristics. Would you like to find out more about us or even become part of our team? Feel free to write to us! Thanks to Amruta, Foroozan, Kirti, and Sravya for your time and insights into the life of a developer at evopark!

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