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Smart Mobility is more than just a buzzword. Nowadays, customers are used to shopping online, managing their financial transactions online and being able to access their data anytime. The demand for digital services is correspondingly high – also with regard to parking.

Providers who are ahead in this respect can sustainably increase the satisfaction of their established customers and easily win new customers.

Many car park operators still consider it a hurdle to “switch over” to digital processes. The management of long-term parkers is particularly affected by this. Central administrative processes are often managed manually. Customer service is handled mainly by telephone or letter – an elementary expense. Customers usually must submit their contract documents on paper. Staff edit customer data twice and separately – in their local database and in the parking management system. The risk of transmission errors is high.

evopark offers car park operators digital solutions that solve their challenges easily and sustainably. The software easyCONTRACT automates many work steps. Card-parts are a thing of the past. New customers book their permanent parking space paperless via the integrated landing page. Important customer data is validated during entry. Automatic waiting lists help to fill parking spaces quickly.

Rely on a solution that scales and offers investment security.

Minimal expenses for contract customers


Our core product is the Software-as-a-Service solution easyCONTRACT. The all-in-one solution offers many helpful features from the registration to the accounting of long-term parkers. Master and payment data are validated and saved in a central system. Your customers can manage their data by themselves. Outdated contact files belong to the past.


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You want to digitize your business, but don’t know how? Trust our expertise as a digital pioneer in the industry. We can offer you everything from a single source. You benefit from end-to-end solutions that boost your sales and reduce costs. We will be happy to advise you and find the right solution for you.

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The short-term parker business primary focuses on increasing revenues. The highest potential lies within customization, revenue-maximizing offers, acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers.

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