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Partner Interview: PBW – Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH, Gebhard Hruby

Gebhard Hruby (Portrait)

Gebhard Hruby is Managing Director of the PBW – Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH. Since 2010, the PBW is cooperating with several project partners to manage the challenges that are related to the ongoing change of mobility as we know it. In November 2020, the PBW launched their own mobility program “vParken” to manage all on-street and off-street parking spaces at the campus of University Hohenheim.

Why did you decide for a connection of the PBW car parks to the evopark GATEWAY?

For our vParken service and for the connection of further car parks with Scheidt & Bachmann technology, a consolidation with regard to interfaces and online authorization capabilities was required. This milestone could only be achieved through the connection our service to the evopark GATEWAY.

How many car parks are connected right now?

Currently, 11 car parks in the heart of Stuttgart and 5 additional (off-street) car parks at the campus of University Hohenheim are connected. In the course of this year and in the years to come, additional car parks throughout Baden-Württemberg will be connected.

Which parking media can be used with the service?

The service can be used with the vParken-Card (RFID-technology).

How exactly can the service be used by end customers?

Our customer can use all connected car parks with the vParken-App. As soon as the customer has ordered and stored his vParken-Card in his app, he can easily park in connected car parks and parking lots. Simply drive in and out with the vParken-Card, fully seamless. The consolidated settlement of all transactions is done at the end of each month. Currently, we are in preparation of also providing the settlement of e-charging processes through vParken. The current occupancy of the car park and respectively the free capacity are indicated through the color of the car park icon (green/orange/red) in the vParken-App.

On top of PBW’s own mobility service vParken, users of Park Now can park in the connected car parks. This is also realized through the interface with evopark.

How are the digital products accepted by the end customers?

Despite or even because of COVID, the service is perceived very well by the customers. On the campus of University Hohenheim alone, we generated more than 3,000 registered users and 350-450 digital parking transactions a day within only a couple of months.

Where does the “Digital Parking“ journey lead to for the PBW?

Accelerated through COVID, the demand for touchless and cashless parking and charging processes will grow. Over time, vParken shall become the standard product for short-term parkers and day-parkers. User-specific as well as location-specific services, as special parking rates or limited access rights, can be designed way easier and more flexible. We would like to offer other mobility providers (such as Park Now) centralized and standardized access to our parking facilities.

Thank you very much for the interview and the insights into the vParken-App and the connection to the evopark GATEWAY!

You are very welcome, the pleasure was mine.