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The Platform​

mobility CONNECT

As an open, manufacturer-independent platform, mobility CONNECT forms an interface between mobility providers and parking operators. As a mobility provider, you benefit from access to a network of digitally accessible parking objects and thus can offer your customers an even better mobility service. evopark acts as a technical service provider and enables parking operators to open their facilities to digitally entering customers.

mobility CONNECT

Some features at a glance

All from a single source

The mobility CONNECT platform digitally connects car park operators and mobility providers.

Uniform interface

evopark provides the technical infrastructure. Neither you as a mobility provider nor parking operators have to deal with each other’s systems.

Full control

You keep the reins in your hands and gain valuable insights into the parking behaviour of your customers.

New parking experience

You create the best possible digital parking experience for your customers and can enrich the customer journey with parking information and live availability.

Maximum flexibility

mobility CONNECT is an open platform, independent of parking system manufacturers and authorization media (license plate recognition, RFID etc.). In a growing network, additional synergies arise.


mobility CONNECT is to become the largest digital mobility platform in Germany. More than 100 car parks are already connected.

mobility CONNECT

The Concept

With mobility CONNECT, evopark establishes the interface between mobility providers and parking operators. On-Street providers can enrich their portfolio with a wide range of off-street parking spaces. Parking operators benefit from a standardized connection via an interface. You avoid time-consuming negotiations and contracts with individual companies.

mobility CONNECT

Participating car parks

Many renowned mobility service providers as well as parking operators with facilities in over 50 cities in Germany, Finland, the UK and the Netherlands are already partners of the platform.
Visit the website to see which mobility partners are currently members of the network. The website is aimed at end customers and helps parking operators to advertise your mobility service.

"As a pioneer for digital off-street parking, evopark is an important partner. Together with evopark, we can significantly expand the access to digitally payable parking in car parks. Our customers benefit from new, convenient off-street parking facilities."

Sebastian Kist

Product & Operations Manager bei sunhill technologies GmbH


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