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Leaving the island. Rethinking parking.

Parking spaces on the street are fiercely embattled in inner cities. At the same time, many cities are radically reducing their downtown parking areas. Residents and visitors alike invest a lot of time in the search for a free parking spot. However, car parks often have the potential to relieve the situation. Why is this offer not widely accepted? One reason is that the image of car parks among many drivers is still mixed. The central challenge for car park operators now lies in countering this image and gaining ground with innovative offers. 

The trend has already been identified: Digital services are in high demand and should complement traditional, established processes. But many car park operators are still hesitant about this task. The buzzword “digitization strategy” sounds bombastic – almost insuperable. Many are also accustomed to “isolated solutions”: here an Excel program for customer data maintenance, there a billing tool – and usually installed on each computer individually, without synchronization among each other. This is exactly where we step in. evopark helps car park operators to push the digitization of their offers step by step. We provide an all-in-one solution that is exactly oriented to their needs.

In addition to digitizing key processes in administration and car park management, there is another opportunity to enable the company to face the future. Instead of jointly exploiting potentials, the German operator usually acts in isolation. evopark connects them with other industry players so that together they can take their success to the next level. Automobile manufacturers, mobility service providers, system providers, car sharing providers and car park operators: evopark GATEWAY opens up numerous new marketing channels.

The crucial point is the employees. After all, digital change can only really succeed with real motivation. Our objective is thus to inspire the entire team with our digital solutions.

Today we received a newsletter from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure announcing a new competence center. Even if it does not deal specifically with parking, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer’s statement in this mailing hits exactly the right note. Here is an excerpt:

“Digitization is changing all industries – this also applies to the planning, construction and operation of buildings. Digital methods make projects more efficient, faster and cheaper. The construction industry will benefit from this, but so will all those who use the buildings.”

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