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Interview with Robert Sliwinski IT Software Developer at evopark

When did you join evopark?

Since March 2017.

How did you find evopark?

The techstack at evopark was very interesting at that time and the tasks sounded like
also promising.
Somehow I am not disappointed until today and still there.

How do you explain to your friends in simple words what evopark does?

To put it casually: We make sure that the barrier opens.
Then follows usually blatant disillusionment as reaction, if then however everything comes to the speech which must happen smoothly, so that for example a number plate at an entrance is authorized the facial expression turns into astonishment. Most of the time, the little things you take for granted are the ones where most of the magic takes place in the background. We deliver this magic for parking.

What is so special about evopark for you?

In spite of the small size of the team, we have gained uncanny experience in the field of barrier manufacturers and parking garages, which continuously flows into the development of new solutions. Combined with current and flexible technology, this results in a special kind of movement that is probably seldom to be found anywhere else.

What is important to you when dealing with colleagues/employees?

In fact, this was also one of the points on how the decision for evopark was made. There are no strict structures and time-consuming rituals just because of the process. Even someone completely fresh may fill our sails with his personal wind.

What do you particularly like about your work?

Whether I sit in the home office or in the office makes absolutely no difference. Every meeting, every kind of collaboration is possible, no matter where you are.

What are your concrete tasks?

This will be a long, long list that probably violates some NDAs. Let’s put it in general terms: From ensuring high availability to the small button that the user can press in our software, everything is in the portfolio.

What do you see as the biggest personal challenge?

The assessment of whether the right technology horse has been chosen. Sometimes you are afraid that after a certain time you will see: the donkey runs backwards and has to go to the racehorse rehab.

What are your hobbies?

Mobility has always been interesting, be it in the form of skateboards and leather suits or climbing and folding with locked four-wheel drive through trials. That and the technology behind it is a lot of fun and provides a good balance to the rather rigid work in front of the screen.

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