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Interview with Rebecca Schoeller, Customer Success Manager

What makes a start-up successful? At evopark the answer is simple. The employees are the strongest engine of our success! As next team member we would like to introduce you to Rebecca Schoeller, Customer Success Manager. 

When did you join evopark?

In November 2016 I joined evopark with an internship. When I started my Master in Cologne at the beginning of 2017, I was taken on as a working student. Since my graduation I have been employed full time.

How did you choose evopark?

I became aware of evopark through the participation of the founders in the VOX show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. I was thrilled by the idea of evopark, it gripped me directly. I was recently looking for an internship in Cologne and applied directly a few days after the show.

How do you explain to your friends in simple words what evopark stands for?

Meanwhile I say that we offer software for car park operators and want to digitize existing processes. If there are any questions, I will of course go into detail.

What is special about evopark for you?

Definitely the working atmosphere and the possibility to directly participate in different topics. It is important to me personally that you not only feel like doing your job, but that you feel comfortable in your team. A great motivation for me is that I enjoy going to the office. I have direct influence on the results and can recognize what I have achieved. I don’t just feel like a little drop in the ocean.

What is important to you when dealing with your colleagues?

It is important to me that we interact and have good communication with each other.

What do you particularly like about your work?

Through regular customer contact, I often find myself in new situations. I think it’s really exciting that I have to solve a variety of problems and must deal with different characters. I like being able to react flexibly and adapt quickly.

What are your specific tasks?

First and foremost, my tasks build on the successful sales process. As soon as a customer has ordered one of our products, I take care of the onboarding process and support the customer in successfully launching the product. Of course, I also work on a number of other issues, as there are many ways to get involved.

What do you see as the biggest personal challenge?

Not only working to achieve the big goal, but also recognizing and honoring small successes.

What are your hobbies?

I have to have a look at my friends book :D. I like sports – especially tennis and skiing (tobogganing is also great) and I like to be in company, whether human or animal.

Thank you for the interview!

With pleasure!

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