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Interview with Christian Grzona, Director Sales & Marketing

Christian Grzona, Director Sales & Marketing and Martin Kammler, Managing Director Scheidt & Bachmann Parking Solutions

As of January 1st, 2020, Christian Grzona joined evopark as new Director Sales & Marketing. The 36-year old is highly motivated to strengthen evopark’s market position worldwide. Christian will support Andreas Wagner, Director Technology & Innovation, and Philipp Schnorbach, Director Business, in further rolling out the evopark SaaS solutions worldwide. With 12 years of industry expertise he is highly skilled and motivated to push the company strategically forward. Learn more about Christian in our Blog interview.

Welcome at evopark! Great you have joined us!

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I am really glad to be with you guys.

What was your focus before evopark and how will your experience help you here?

Before I started at Scheidt & Bachmann, I worked at DESIGNA and acquired my first solid experience in the international parking industry. After joining Scheidt & Bachmann at the end of 2012, I was responsible as Regional Manager for the sales channels and key accounts in the Asia-Pacific region. Primarily in Singapore and Australia, I gained deep insights into the challenges and wishes of a market that already has a high degree of automation and digitalisation. Over the past seven months, I have been in charge of expanding the business with major international real estate developers. During this time, I noticed repeatedly that the industry’s appetite for digital solutions is constantly increasing.

What will you do first?

evopark is a young, emerging enterprise. Working with this highly motivated team is very inspiring. The first challenge will be to work out a clear joint strategy together with the other two directors on how we can channel this immense motivation. Our main aim is to further strengthen evopark’s role as the digital expert in the industry this year.

What are the main industry challenges you will have to face?

The future of mobility is digital and connected; agility within all aspects of the organization as well as the management of external stakeholders will be key to success. I strongly believe in evopark’s ambition to be the number one provider of a digital marketplace that enables owners and operators of parking infrastructure to communicate with providers of all sorts of digital mobility services. On top of this, there will be a growing demand for smart solutions that ease the daily parking business while keeping up with the latest trends. This is where I believe our SaaS solutions have a huge potential in the market, as they offer the digitalization of common processes in day-to-day parking business.

How do you personally want to contribute to achieving this goal?

My priority is to increase evopark’s visibility in the industry and strengthen the trust in our SaaS solutions. We will accomplish this by convincing not with words, but with performance!

Many thanks for the interview!

It was a pleasure.

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