All-in-One: The standardized interface between car parks and mobility concepts.

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The Platform​


evopark’s GATEWAY enables mobility providers to connect to evopark’s mobility CONNECT platform. GATEWAY incorporates the technical integration between mobility provider and evopark. mobility CONNECT is the product name which is used for the marketing towards car park operators.


The Concept


evopark GATEWAY is an API designed to digitally connect Mobility Providers and Parking Operators. It is built on REST standards and fully documented on swagger. The API is built upon APDS (Alliance for Parking Data Standards) and its guiding principles that define the API’s content. For the implementation phase, evopark is providing access to a staging environment. The API also offers a health endpoint to check system availability.


Mobility Providers can create, activate, deactivate or re-activate an unlimited number of authentification mediums (POST / PUT). Retrieving information on an individual medium is also possible (GET). Supported mediums are UHF, RFID, LPN and QR code. For each car park and medium can be a different rate assigned. The associated tariff needs to be configured accordingly in the parking management system.


Push notifications provide details of a parking transaction to an endpoint of the Mobility Provider (e.g. parking place, start time, end time, price, vat rate, currency). This POST endpoint needs to be implemented by the Mobility Provider and has to be assigned with a respective URL that is accessible for evopark.

Car Park information

The parking places GET endpoint provides all details of car parks. The following car park information is possible to receive:

Car park name & address
GPS data
Pricing scheme
Opening hours
Counting data (availability depending on additional interface)


Cooperation Partners


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"As a pioneer for digital off-street parking, evopark is an important partner. Together with evopark, we can significantly expand the access to digitally payable parking in car parks. Our customers benefit from new, convenient off-street parking facilities."


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