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Gaining registered short-term parkers with evopark GO Interview with Andreas Wagner, Director Technology & Innovation at evopark

Andreas Wagner, Director Technology & Innovation at evopark

In August 2019, we launched a new digital parking solution. evopark GO enables car park operators to learn more about their customers and bind them with a convenient service. In this interview Andreas Wagner, Director Technology & Innovation at evopark, gives interesting insights into the new solution.

What does evopark GO offer that other digital solutions lack?

The special benefit of evopark GO is that it can be implemented very quickly and offers insights into what many operators do not yet grasp with personalized data: the short-term parking behaviour of their customers. Beyond that, every operator faces different requirements and therefore profits differently from evopark GO.

What is new is that evopark GO enables registered short-term parkers immediately to access the car park without tickets, including cashless payment. In brief: evopark GO is a very slim, cross-system solution that allows to learn more about short-term parkers. evopark GO is not an app, but a solution that is integrated into the operator’s website.

Please explain briefly how evopark GO works.

With pleasure. The user registers once for evopark GO on the website of the car park operator. In case a ticketless solution is implemented, only the user’s name, license plate number and a payment method are required for registration. As soon as the customer drives in, the parking management system recognizes the license plate and assigns the driver as evopark GO customer. As soon as he leaves the car park, the exit time is logged, and the parking process is billed immediately and fully automatically, according to the pay-as-you-go principle.

What exactly does pay-as-you-go refer to?

Pay-as-you-go basically means that the customer pays for a service immediately after receiving it. Just like it is already usual with other mobility offers, e.g. from Free Now and e-scooters. The customer no longer must go to the automatic pay station and is relieved of the need for small change for the parking ticket. The entire parking process is cashless and ticketless. The customer’s account is debited directly after the parking process. The customer can view his transactions online at any time. In addition to individual payment providers based on customer requirements, we currently offer a pre-configured standard solution with the payment service provider Stripe.

This approach offers many advantages for car park operators. Payments are received immediately after the transaction. The effort and costs of cash handling are omitted. Onboarding is very simple and can therefore be easily integrated into the Customer Journey and offered to existing and new customers.

Which access media can be used with evopark GO?

We are convinced that the future is in ticketless parking, not physical media. Besides ticketless systems via license plate recognition, evopark GO can also be used with RFID technology. This is still in great demand especially in Germany. But license plate recognition is the favorite medium worldwide. Furthermore we plan to offer an all in one solution for shipping and the whole onboarding process together with fulfillment partners. Furthermore, QR Code is firmly planned as an alternative medium and will be implemented in the course of the year; this is particularly relevant in countries where license plate recognition is not so widespread and opens up further application possibilities.

A marketing package from evopark is optionally available to attract new customers. What is this all about?

Based on the experience we have gained, we offer car park operators a marketing package that supports them in successfully launching the solution. The operator receives recommendations on flyers, posters and stickers that he can use in his car park to draw attention to the product and advertise his car parks. He benefits from our know-how from minute one and is supported by us in winning new customers in the l

Thank you for the interview!

You are welcome.

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