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The Product

evopark GO


Why add digital services to your portfolio? Quite simple: The biggest potential to increase your revenue is provided by attractive, additional services for registered short-term parkers. So far you know little or nothing about your short-stay customers? Then rely on evopark GO. The software as a service solution will help you to tailor your offers to your customers. Currently, evopark GO is only available for Licence plate recognition as authorisation media. Further access media will be provided soon.

evopark GO

Some features at a glance 


Completely automated validation of data and payment methods


Pay-as-you-go as the default approach

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Easy adding and removing of license plates identification medium


Close customer communication and special offer promotion (cross-selling etc.)


Security of investment: benefits through consistent development


Full overview of transactions with the dedicated duration and price

evopark GO

The concept

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Easy signup

The signup process is very quick and easy, so the customer can create an account if he is already at the car park. Email, password and license plate are the only information required for registration.


License plate recognition 

As soon as the customer is logged in and has added his profile and payment information, the barrier opens automatically by recognizing the license plate.

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After leaving the car park, the customer can view his transaction online. The respective parking fee is immediately debited from the deposited account after the parking procedure.

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