easy TENANT. Your efficient tool for visitor quota management.

The Product


With easy TENANT, you as a property manager can manage your parking space professionally, simply and efficiently. On the first level, the software offers you the option of assigning different quotas and authorizations to your tenants. On the second level, your tenants can use this software solution to manage the parking spaces available to them independently and on their own responsibility.

Example. You, as a parking garage operator, have 100 parking spaces at your disposal. You divide these among five different tenants, each with a quota of 20 parking spaces. Your tenants, including for example a restaurant, a fitness studio and a law office, thus receive the authorizations for the parking space allocated to them, which they manage independently.

You, as the administrator of your parking spaces, and the tenants, as the tenants and managers of your parking spaces, can define the availabilities precisely and at the right time. The software ensures that only the available quota is used. Possible identification media for entry and exit for parkers are the license plate or the QR-Code.


Some features at a glance

Central visitor management which allows tenants to enter license plates of visitors and send our QR-Codes

Perfect capacity management through flexible timetable bookings within the available contingents

Multiple authentication media such as license plate and QR-Codes are possible to being used

Multi-tenant capability allows a central facility manager to assign different sub-tenants with their own contingents

Perfect fleet management with the tenant management mask which allows to manage the company car pool

Central contingent management with difference counting for all individual tenants


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