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Interview with Philipp Schnorbach Director Business at evopark

Aug 2, 2019 11:17:38 AM / by Nora Flohr




What makes a start-up successful? At evopark the answer is as clear as the summer air: Our employees are the strongest engine of our success! Therefore we start today a series about our team. In this series we would like to introduce the heads behind evopark to you one by one.

When did you join evopark?

I was an intern at evopark between my Bachelor and Master studies in 2016. After graduating, I returned in January 2018 and have been permanently employed since then.

How did you get to evopark?

I talked to a good friend about interesting start-ups in Cologne. That's when evopark first got mentioned. The interview took place in the founders' shared flat, where the office was located at that time. The location was simple, but the founders and their team seemed all the more professional to me. Everybody was so enthusiastic about the business idea and that immediately infected me.

How do you explain to your friends in simple words what evopark does?

evopark digitizes the parking experience. The entry works automatically via RFID or license plate recognition. In addition, evopark offers car park operators the possibility to manage their short- and long-term parkers with the help of software solutions and to create new, innovative products for their end customers.

What is so special about evopark ?

The corporate culture is what makes evopark special. Each team member does their best to ensure that we achieve our common goals. We are driven by the desire to achieve innovative changes in the parking industry.

What is important to you when dealing with colleagues/employees?

We treat each other amicably. At the same time, however, we never lose our focus on pushing the evopark visions forward.

What do you particularly like about your work?

What I particularly like about my work is the corporate culture and internal cooperation as well as the opportunity to work together with leading German OEMs (Daimler, Porsche, VWFS) and to help shape their end customer products through our solution.

What are your specific tasks?

In addition to my internal responsibilities, I manage cooperations with mobility providers who integrate the evopark network into their parking product.

Your biggest personal challenge is…?

To keep a constant eye on the developments in the industry and the associated changing customer wishes while we place our own evopark products in the market.

What are your hobbies?

Football & Carnival

Thank you very much for the interview!

With pleasure!

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